All Change

So over the last few years things have changed a bit. My new little girl isn’t quite so new and has just had her third birthday; I’ve given up my studio and larger scale work; I’m planning a move back home to Germany in the very near future. For these reasons, my painting will be taking a backseat for a while (certainly the stuff that relies on the use of highly toxic materials) as I concentrate on expanding my online presence to showcase print multiples and one-off works on paper.

I still have some painted work which has been sitting in the garage for a while and would like these to go to a good home before I leave for Germany. If you’re interested give me a call or mail me. I’ve put a guide price against the works but will happily accept offers. Photo’s rarely do my work justice so if you’d like a look at any in the flesh, just call and we’ll arrange something. Like I said, I want the work to go to a good home.